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Royals Sign First Round Pick Hunter Dozier

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The Stephen F. Austin infielder and number eight overall pick signs for $2.2 million.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Surprisingly nearly no one, the Royals have agreed to terms with their first round pick, infielder Hunter Dozier, less than a week after they selected him.

The slot value for the #8 overall pick is $3,137,800. The Royals' draft pool is $8,290,700, meaning they have (EDIT: $6,090,700) to spend on their other top ten picks, including #34 overall pick Sean Manaea, who is considered to be a tough sign.

The Royals are holding a press conference today where we will learn more about where Dozier will begin his pro career and when, but for now, just know that the pipeline has been added to. WAVES!

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