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Royals Sign Seventeen Draft Picks

Meet the newest Royals! Waves! Pipelines! Best Farm System in the History of Whatever! Fifteen Year Processes!

Ed Zurga

In addition to inking first round draft pick infielder Hunter Dozier, the Royals today announced they have signed seventeen more draft picks from last week's draft. They are:

  • 5th round OF Amalani FukoFuka out of Logan HS in California
  • 6th round P Luke Farrell out of Northwestn University
  • 9th round OF Daniel Rockett out of the University of Texas-San Antonio
  • 12th round 1B Brandon Dulin out of Longview College in Kansas City
  • 13th round P Jonathan Dziedzic out of Lamar University
  • 14th round P Chase Darhower out of Northwest Florida State College
  • 15th round OF Dominique Taylor out of the University of Irvine-California
  • 16th round P Kevin McCarthy out of Marist University
  • 17th round P Kevin Perez out of Miami-Dade Community College
  • 18th round C Frank Schwindel out of St. John's University
  • 20th round P Glenn Sparkman out of Wharton County Junior College
  • 22nd round P Andrew Brockett out of the University or Richmond
  • 24th round OF Riley King out of Caroll College in Montana
  • 28th round SS Kevin Kuntz (son of Royals coach Rusty Kuntz) out of the University of Kansas
  • 29th round P Alex Black out of Columbia University
  • 30th round 2B Andrew Ayers out of Sacramento State University

Almalani signed for $175,000 (slot is $337,300). Rockett signed for $147,000 (slot value).

Thanks to the power of Twitter, we can immediately see how excited some of these guys are to join the Best Farm System in the History of Whatever.

Farrell overcame brain tumors being removed from his head.

Photo of Chase Darhower signing in his kitchen.

Kevin and his girl sporting Royals caps already.