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The Royals Play Host to the Tigers, Who Must Throttle Their Intra-Divisional "Rival"

Let's hope the Tigers spank the Royals and send them back towards the firing of a General Manager.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

This is a preview for a game--a game that finds a large chunk of the readership here at Royals Review actively rooting against the team they want to win in the biggest of pictures. The Royals find themselves in the midst of a six-game winning streak that couldn't have come at a less opportune time. After trudging through a miserable May that recalled the lowest of moments from the past 19 seasons, it seemed as though the tides had changed and Dayton Moore's bumbling regime was going to get swept out to sea. Now, this mirage, this bullshit winning streak built largely against two of the worst teams and certainly two of the worst offenses in the American League has given this incompetent front office an apparent stay of execution. The schedule is our enemy, Royals Review. Hopefully the Tigers and Rays can re-expose the Royals for what they are: frauds. This past week reeks of the Junes of years past, a month that the Royals spend half-streaking to near-.500 play while putting on airs and feigning being a competitive team before plummeting in the standings once regression to the mean rears its ugly head.