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Game 63 Open Thread - Detroit at Kansas City

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Verlander versus Shields will be worth the price of admission.


Have to be honest, I don't care about Billy Butler's barbecue sauce and I don't need to see another hand gesture after a base hit from a team that is not very good at hitting. Being cocky and flamboyant is a right reserved for teams that, you know, win consistently.

If anyone ever deserved an out of nowhere offensive explosion against one of, if not the best pitcher it the game, it is James Shields. As documented in the extensive game preview, Shields deserves so much more than being mired at 2-6.

The game is not on Fox (unless you want to count Fox Sports-Detroit), but is on the MLB network.

And the lineup:

Gordon LF

Hosmer 1B

Perez C

Butler DH

Cain CF

Lough RF

Moustakas 3B

Johnson 2B

Escobar SS