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Valuable Lessons to be Learned from the 6/17/2013 Game

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Here's hoping the Royals were paying attention.

No Elliot, it's not the sauce. Instead, it's these reasons.
No Elliot, it's not the sauce. Instead, it's these reasons.
Jason Miller

Monday night's memorable come-from-behind 2 - 1 win against the Cleveland Indians came with many lessons the Royals will need to remember if they hope to contend for the rest of the season. As a service to the reader (and the Royals) I have summarized those lessons here.

1. The team with the most home runs lost. It's true. Cleveland clearly can't score without relying on the home run, and when they don't come, they can't score.

2. The team with the most walks lost. Look it up. Cleveland had 6 walks, and the Royals had 3. If Cleveland would have been more aggressive, perhaps they would have scored more.

3. All the Royals runs came in an inning with a sacrifice bunt. That is not a coincidence. Would the Royals have been able to score in the 8th or 9th without the bunts?

4. Opposing managers fear Chris Getz. Don't let the stats fool you. When Getz comes to the plate, especially in late innings, he strikes fear deep into the hearts of the opposing team. Intentionally walking him is a relief compared to what the alternatives might be.

5. The team with the highest batting average for the game won. Again, not a coincidence. Batting Average = Runs.

6. Eric Hosmer's power stroke is returning. Stroking a double in the 8th inning with the game on the line will be a big confidence boost for the young player.

7. The team is learning to win the close games. This is a team with great chemistry. When a team finally learns how to win, wins like Monday night can be counted on for the future. No changes should be made to any of the roster spots, as that could harm the chemistry and the winning know-how.

With such important lessons to be learned, the question is, were the Royals paying attention?