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The Royals Are Average!

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.500 is here. Get off the bus, negative jerks. They only need believers as they fight for second.

High .500
High .500
Jason Miller

Now that the Royals are officially an exactly average team, all the haters need to get off the bus. These Royals are legitimately a .500 club. There is no room for negative thinking. The Royals need your support because they care what you think about them, especially if you talk about them on the internet. Just ask the Indians, who get to play the formidably ordinary Royals. They had a guy talking online about how their bullpen was suspect, and then that very night their bullpen blew the lead. Cause. Effect.

The Royals Review crowd will tell you that a 1.69 ERA isn't sustainable. Like hell it isn't. The Royals don't need to score runs. Their pitching is invincible. If you don't believe it, you're a horrible person and don't have the light in your eyes. Ervin Santana is never going to walk a guy again. His ERA is only going to get lower than its current 2.74 mark.

The Royals only need the people who believed that they were going to turn things around while in the midst of a 4 - 19 stretch. The naysayers, the doom portenders, they can all go back to their mother's basements and play their Sega Geneses while thinking wistfully about 1985 and relevant Royals baseball. A .500 team is something entirely regular to behold and only needs the Pollyannas in tow as they embark on their journey to semi-relevance.

So while watching the game tonight, be sure to be positive. They need to hit Ubaldo Jimenez around, and they need your help. Your Royals need you to wishcast them into the playoff picture.

.500! Dayton Moore is vindicated!