Know A (Potential) Future Royal: Reese McGuire


The Info:

Position: C
Height: 6-1
Weight: 190
Bats/Throws: L-R
Birthdate: March 2, 1995
High School: Kentwood HS, WA

The Tools:

Hit: 30-50

A bit of an aggressive swinger. Has average at best plate discipline and will need to work here. Can tend to pull the ball often, but has decent bat speed and keeps the bat in the zone. Good against fastball and can keep up with velocities, but struggles with secondary stuff. Probably nothing higher than a .270 hitter in his prime. Very raw at the plate.

Power: 40-50

A bit better than his hit tool. Good bat speed helps the power and his strength allows him to drive the ball. The weak contact skills don't allow the power to play as well as it is. Maybe a 15 home run hitter.

Speed: 50-40

Physical maturity will slow him down, but for a catcher he's got good speed. It would be average compared to the rest of the league, and out of the box to first he'll get down the line, but won't turn double plays into fielders choices very much. Maybe the least important part of any catchers game, McGuire doesn't struggle here.

Arm: 55-60

Arm strength is very good. Considered raw, but should really develop. The quick release only pushes this grade forward. Should throw out plenty of runners on the bases. Heard he has some 1.90 POP times and is continually seen as sub-2.00.

Fielding: 50-60

Maybe his best tool overall. When coupled with his good arm strength he should be an average catcher at the worst. Controls the running game well, knows how to call a game and handle the staff, and is very intelligent. Behind the plate defense is a little rough and falls behind his other defensive skills, but has the tools and work effort to grow.

The Ranking:

Overall: Would be a Top 10 prospect for the Royals.

Hitter: Would be a Top 10 hitting prospect for the Royals. The bat isn't very good right now, but with time could be decent.

Position: I'd probably put Cam Gallagher over him at the moment, but it's neck and neck.

The Comp:

I've seen some Matt Weiters comps if all the tools developed but I think that's best best best case scenario.

A Jason Castro comp sounds good.

The Draft: Easily the best catcher in the draft if you ask me. Shouldn't drop out of the Top-15. I don't think the Royals would take him, but he'd more than likely be available and that's the point of these articles.

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