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Game 71 Preview: Chicago White Sox vs. Kansas City Royals

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The White Sox don't hit home runs or draw walks. How can we match up against a team so well-suited for Kauffman Stadium?


We've become so accustomed to thinking of the White Sox as a team that just drew walks and sat back and waited for a three-run home run that we did not notice their evolution to small-ball lightweight. Although they still have Adam "Mr. Three True Outcomes" Dunn, the White Sox have slid to the bottom of the league in walks drawn, and are third-worst in home runs hit.


How can we hope to win against a team so well-suited for Kauffman Stadium? You see, its hard to hit home runs in Kauffman Stadium. And besides, home runs kill rallies. And since there is no home run threat, its hard to draw walks. The White Sox were tailor-built for this park!

So here is what Jeremy Guthrie has to do tonight. He has to try to give up home runs. That shouldn't be a problem, since he leads the league in home runs given up. But has given up just two runs in six starts against the White Sox since joining the Royals for an ERA of 0.40. Quit trying to impress us with your nerd-stats like ERA Jeremy, and just WIN THE GAME.

On offense, the Royals should forget about walks and home runs and simply try to put the ball in play. Kauffman, while it supresses home runs, does give up more doubles than your average park. And since the opposing pitcher is not worried about giving up home runs or walks, he should be attacking Royals hitters and giving them pitches to hit. So with all of these factors conspiring together, the Royals should be just churning out doubles in the wide gaps of Kauffman Stadium, right?