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Game 78 Open Thread - Royals vs. Twins

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Wade Davis vs. Kyle Gibson

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Miguel Tejada will play second base for the Kansas City Royals today, while Jarrod Dyson is in right field. Bob Dutton brings us the Royals lineup:

Tejada starting seems kind of odd, but maybe Ned Yost hopes that his veteran presence can intimidate the rookie Kyle Gibson. I'm not a huge fan of sticking Tejada at second base, so we'll see if his lack of range has an impact on the game.

Ron Gardenhire is hitting Brian Dozier second, which must be to thank Yost for hitting Alcides Escobar second. Mike Berardino of the St. Paul Pioneer Press brings us the Twins starting nine:

Joe Mauer is hitting a cool .328/.408/.491 this season. I think that's pretty good.

This game is not on FSKC today, so you'll have to utilize other methods if you want to watch the game.

Song of the Day: Queen - The Show Must Go On

Man, could Freddy Mercury sing.