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The Royals Can't Lose Forever

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Previewing tonight's Twins-Royals match-up.

I don't think Butler is using a big enough bat.
I don't think Butler is using a big enough bat.

Losers of 11 in a row at home and 22 of their last 28 games overall, the odds almost have to be in Kansas City's favor. They have to right? RIGHT?!!

Jeremy Guthrie will start for the Royals tonight. After losing three straight starts in which he allowed 17 runs in 19 innings while striking out just four and walking seven, Guthrie rebounded against St. Louis on May 30th to pitch - hell, let's just say it: he gritted his way through six innings, allowing just two runs and striking out six. The Royals' offense even provided Jeremy with four whole runs. Hey, if you can't win with four runs, it's your fault.

Guthrie will be opposed by P.J. Walters, who is making just this third start (and appearance) of the year. The first two times out, Walters went six innings: allowing 2 runs on the 25th and 4 on the 30th. At 28 years of age, Walters has made a total of 34 appearances in the majors for three different organizations over a five season span. There is little on his major or minor league resume of note. Walters will come at the Royals with a 89-90 mph fastball, and the usual cutter, slider, change arsenal.

With the return of Salvador Perez from bereavement leave and Kelvin Herrera from Omaha, the Royals are basically back to their Opening Day 25 with the exception of David Lough in place of Jarrod Dyson. Dyson, by the way, is hoping to be back by sooner rather than later (mid-June).

Gamethread will be up shortly before first pitch.