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Game 56 - Minnesota at Kansas City

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Forget about chasing down Detroit, can the Royals catch the Twins?

Ed Zurga

The first week of June finds your Kansas City Royals in the cellar of the AL Central, three games behind the supposedly horrific Minnesota Twins who currently reside in third place.

1,4,2,0,2,3,1,3,4,2,4,1,0 - those are the run totals for Kansas City since the Houston series.

The good news: the Royals are 2-1 in the games in which they scored four runs in that stretch and 16-5 for the season when they manage to get to four or more.

The bad news, obviously, is they have managed to reach four runs in just 38% of their games.

Guthrie vs. Walters. Royals vs. Twins. Enjoy.