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Zimmerman's Draft Ranking of Players Scouted

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Draft Time

Jeff Zimmerman

I have decided to expand out my baseball coverage and bring our readers a little coverage of mainly college, some high school baseball talent. With the draft happening over the next few days, here are players rank in order I think are worthy of the draft.

My Rankings (the LINK is where I originally scouted the player, most of the times video is available).

1. Johnathan Gray (link) - RHP - Oklahoma - Pitched great except he got distracted with runners on base. Good heat. It was close between Stanek and Gray for #1, but Gray seems to pitch and Stanek throws.

2. Ryan Stanek (link) - RHP - Arkansas - He could move quickly through the minors. He reminds me of a youngMax Scherzer.

3A. Jon Denney (link) - C/1B, RHH - Yukon, OK H.S. - I debated who to rank higher, Denney or Peterson. I think a lot would come down to how fast a team wants the player to projess through the minors and the player's upside. Denney may take a while, but he has more upside and can also play catcher.

3B. D.J. Peterson (link) - 3B, RHH - New Mexico - Peterson is one of the top 3-4 college bats in this draft. His biggest downfall will be if he can stick at 3B or has to move to 1B.

4. Sean Manaea (link) - LHP - Indiana St. - Once considered a candidate for the #1 overall pick, his stock has fallen after dealing with injuries and loss of velocity. A power lefty arm will get drafted, but he has a big downside.

5. Jared King (link) - OF, SH - Kansas State - Big drop off down to King and Austin. I picked King higher because he is a hitter and less chance of career ending injury.

6. Barrett Austin (link) - RHP - Arkansas - The number two guy on Arkansas' staff was good. He didn't have the electric stuff of Gray, Stanek and Manaea, but could end up as a #3 to #5 pitcher.

7. Ethan Mildren (link) - RHP - Pitt - Mildren probably pitched the best game I saw thrown this season. Worked all his pitches. Threw them for strikes on the corners. I would have liked to see him again.

8. Colby Suggs (no link - I didn't write him up when he pitched) - RHP - Arkansas - Right-handed fat Tim Collins

9. Albert Minnis (link and link) - LHP - Wichita State - Any lefty is going to get a look. His speed was all over the place this season because of injuries. I saw him in the low 90's once.

10. Tanner Poppe (link) - RHP - University of Kansas - Poppe has a nice fastball and that is about it. Would be worth a shot as a reliever.

11. Cale Elam (no link) - RHP - Wichita State - A team may give him a look. I just down think there is a enough there to make it in the bigs.

99. Johnny Coy (no link) - RHH - Wichita State - Nothing here except someone who can destroy balls during batting practice. I only bring him up because some team may draft him in the 7 to 10 rounds to save money for the 11th round when they can offer players additional money.