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MLB Amateur Draft Round One Open Thread

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Who will be the next Mike Moustakas? The next Eric Hosmer? With this management team just churning out stud superstars, its exciting to think of who might be next.

Mike Stobe

The Major League Baseball June Amateur Draft was for years a closely-guarded secret. Teams would only reveal first round picks, and newspapers had a hard time discovering who else was selected by teams. While the NFL was putting on a glitzy show from hotel ballrooms in New York for their draft, up until the mid-2000s, the MLB draft was still basically a conference call, as thrilling as an inventory check among regional sales managers.

Finally, MLB realized that there are hardcore fans out there that actually care about this stuff, and that making a spectacle of the event was a way to promote the game without having to spend money on pesky players. Of course, they've still bungled up the "show" aspect of it a bit by having analysis from former players like Harold Reynolds and Eduardo Perez, who have never ever heard of many of the amateur players they are commenting on, instead giving us bland cliches and generalities, while the experts like Jim Callis of Baseball America and Keith Law of ESPN sit on the sidelines, blogging from their mom's basement.

The draft begins at 6 p.m. Central on MLB Network. The Royals have the eighth overall pick, and the 34th overall pick (first competitive balance pick). Discuss all things draft-related here. Round 3-10 will be held on Friday, June 7, and the remaining 40 rounds will be selected on June 8. The Royals will have $8.29 million to spend on their first eleven picks.

Royals Draft-Related Notes:

Bob Dutton looks at six possibilities for the Royals to select

All signs, however, point to a preference for a pitcher unless one of two highly regarded prep outfielders from Georgia — Clint Frazier or Austin Meadows — unexpectedly remain on the board.

Royals striving for organizational balance through draft

"There are some pitchers at the top of the Draft that I think are quality guys. There are a couple of college arms," Picollo said. "I don't think there's as much high-school depth in pitching as you typically see in the first round."

Jim Callis says look for pitching:

Dutton: Royals sifting through possibilities with eighth pick in draft

Or as Royals assistant general manager J.J. Picollo said: "One pick can throw the whole thing into a tailspin with this system in place."

Flanagan: Royals look to stockpile talent with three early picks

"We like to get all the 18-year-olds we can – pitchers and hitters," Picollo said. "We can get them at 18, mold them, get them in our program. We can get them on throwing programs for pitchers, the hitters can play every day.

Keith Law is hearing the Royals like prep pitcher Phil Bickford at #8

Gammons is hearing they may have a pre-draft deal. Could it be an underslot deal to go overslot on a guy that slides to #34?

What does Rany think?

RHP Cody Reed of Northwest Community College Baseball tweets that the Royals worked him out


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Assigned Bonus Values for each draft pick

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