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David Glass Gives Ned Yost the Dreaded Vote of Confidence

Owner David Glass climbed down from his lonely mansion on Skull Island to go on a listening tour with his skipper. The verdict? Yostie is doing a heckuva job.

Ed Zurga

Owner David Glass was in town this week, on a pit stop to his evil lair on Skull Island where he has James Bond held in captivity. Glass stopped and visited with skipper Ned Yost on the disappointing season. He shared his thoughts with Jeffrey Flanagan of Fox Sports Kansas City, so consider this essentially a press release from the Royals.

The visit was not planned, nor was it meant to be a pep talk, David Glass told

When your boss stops by unannounced and its not a pep talk, its usually good news, right? Maybe David Glass was going to ask Ned if he could come in on Saturday.

And Yost has Glass' support? "Absolutely," Glass said. "He's a good manager and he's doing the best he can right now. He knows infinitely more about the game and what needs to happen for us to turn this around than I do."

Zero times infinity is still zero.

As frustrated as Glass has become with the team's tailspin, he indicated it was unlikely the problem would get solved by pouring more money now into the team's payroll, which has reached a club-record $81 million. That, however, may change if the team rebounds and vaults back into contention over the next two months.

Translation: Daddy's wallet aint buying you out of this mess Dayton.

"I have a lot of confidence in these kids and they're just as anxious to turn it aroundas we all are," Glass said. "Then if we get it turned around and do it right, then you can look at your alternatives."

I'm probably misunderstanding here, but what the heck does this mean? We won't look at alternatives til we turn things around? Why would you look at alternatives then?

"It's inexplicable as far as I'm concerned," Glass said. "I've been watching baseball since the 1940s and I don't remember anything quite like this with a group of kids as talented as these kids are. But they'll get it turned around. It doesn't seem like it, but they will."

The Best Farm System in the History of Whatever has become the Most Inexplicable Group of Talented Kids in the History of Whatever. And you have to respect the perspective of a man who has watched baseball since the 1940s but still knows infinitely less about the game than Ned Yost.

Glass said a positive first step was persuading George Brett to become the hitting coach. "Anytime George gets involved in something, it's bound to get better because he knows what he's talking about," Glass said. "He'll make a meaningful contribution, and I know the players are excited to have him."

"George, walk with me....have you ever considered a career in managing?"