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One game home winning streak

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Can we make it two in a row? Wade Davis is on the mound tonight. Ummm...

Guess the inning this happens on Thursday.
Guess the inning this happens on Thursday.

The Royals snapped an 11 game home losing streak last night. Remember when this revamped rotation meant we wouldn't see any extended losing streaks? Obviously, this streak spanned three home stands, but still... Trust The Process!

Now we have arrived at the pivotal tilt between the Royals and the Twins. Winner of this match takes the series. In the battle for fourth place, this is huge. That means your starters will be Wade Davis and Mike Pelfrey.

Question of the day: What happens when horrible pitching collides with craptastic offenses? I'd go to the game tonight, but I'm scared of falling into a vortex of suck that this may create.

As I write this, the lineup for tonight has yet to be posted, but after the Royals exploded for four runs on Wednesday, you have to think it's going to be extremely close to what we saw yesterday. That means Eric Hosmer will most assuredly hit second, followed by Salvador Perez. Apparently, Frank Ned Yost approached the team statisticians and asked for an optimal lineup. Heresy. The game isn't played on paper. And somehow the computers came up with something that put the best hitters high in the order and grouped the dead weight at the bottom. Like an anchor.

Perez went 2-3 with a walk, so that means he's a lock to hit third for at least the next week. That keeps Butler cleanup and Hosmer second. Let's ride that lineup to four runs a game.

Now seems like a good time to check in on Hosmer and what has been a season long inability to pull the ball. Although last night he did turn on a fastball and lined into a double play to first base. That was the first time a Royal hit into a double play where I responded with a standing ovation. See what George Brett can do?

Anyway, from Texas Leaguers, here's Hosmer's spray chart for the entire season:


Still gross.

Of course, there's the little issue of the draft tonight. We'll post an open thread where everyone can give their reactions. Myself? It doesn't matter.

If you haven't read our buildup to the draft, you should do so now.

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Between the draft and tonight's insanely meaningful game, it would be easy to overlook the fact that David Glass stopped by to get his guillotine sharpened and still made time to give Yost a vote of confidence.