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Game 59 Open Thread - Royals vs. Astros

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Ervin Santana vs. Erik Bedard

Ed Zurga

Ned Yost is giving Alex Gordon the day off today, which is OK with me. You hate to see one of your best hitters out of the lineup, but he doesn't need to play all 162 either. David Lesky of Pine Tar Press brings us the Royals lineup:

Alcides Escobar hitting in the No. 2 spot against a lefty is fine, although Lorenzo Cain should probably switch with David Lough. It's not a huge deal either way.

Jose Altuve returns to the Houston Astros starting lineup after missing the past two games with a groin strain. Jose de Jesus Ortiz of the Houston Chronicle brings us the Astros batting order:

Bo Porter's roster doesn't exactly strike fear into hearts of men.

Song of the Day: DJ Moondance - Wastin' Time Ain't A Thing (NSFW)

DJ Moondance did a mash-up album, titled "The Crash Album," where he mixes Jay-Z's raps over Dave Matthews Band instruments. It's an interesting album, and one that I find relaxing. It's a perfect album to play at the end of a late night with company that doesn't share your taste for European folk metal.