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Open Thread: The All-Star Game

Apparently, it matters. Not to the Royals, of course.

I'm a-gonna hug you, son.
I'm a-gonna hug you, son.

They tell us this game matters. I suppose in the sense that there are three Royals on the American League team it matters slightly more than not at all, but only in that Royals fans might get to see more than one of the representatives from the team for whom they root play in the game. This isn't one of those years where Mark Redman might get to face a hitter while donning a hat with the letters "k" and "c" on it. At least probably not.

Sure, actually watching the game is still a relatively meaningless exercise, but some people like indulging in meaningless exercises.

Royals to maybe get to watch:

Alex Gordon - LF

Salvador Perez - C

Greg Holland - RP

Next Game

American League All-Stars
@ National League All-Stars

Tuesday, Jul 16, 2013, 8:00 PM EDT
Citi Field - New York, NY

Max Scherzer vs Matt Harvey

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