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Today in Royals history: Lots of pine tar

July 24, 1983


Yes, today is the 30th anniversary of The Pine Tar Game. It's impossible to know anything about the Royals and George Brett and not know about this game.

This is one of those anniversaries where you go, "Damn, it was 30 years ago. I remember that. Seems like a long time ago."

It's also one of those anniversaries where you think, "Damn, Tim McClelland has been screwing up ballgames for over 30 years. Seems like a long time."

You know the characters. Brett. Goose Gossage with the fastball. Billy Martin with the rule book. Tim McClelland measuring the bat on home plate. Brett losing his mind. Gaylord Perry stealing the bat. Lee MacPhail upholding the Royals protest.

Here are some links to help you celebrate:

It’s been 30 years since George Brett’s charge in the Pine Tar Game -
George Brett says he never tires, even after 30 years, of discussing that indelible baseball moment that took place on a remarkably pleasant Sunday afternoon - temperatures in the mid-70s - for late July in the Bronx. That's right. Wednesday will mark 30 years since the Pine Tar Game at Yankee Stadium.

30th anniversary: the Pine Tar Game
Thirty years ago today, one of the most infamous and bizarre games of the 1980s took place—the Pine Tar Game between the Royals and the Yankees.

Five things you never knew about George Brett’s pine-tar incident | For The Win
Suspended game featured Don Mattingly at second base.

Thirty years later, Pine Tar Game sticks with Royals legend George Brett | News

George Brett says he never tires of talking about the Pine Tar Game, the curious moment of baseball history that defines him to today's fans. Brett met the press on Tuesday at Kauffman Stadium, a day in advance of the 30th anniversary of what has become a video classic of the incident on July 24, 1983, at old Yankee Stadium.

Pine Tar Game - BR Bullpen - ESPN 25 - 67: Pine tar nullifies home run, so Brett goes ballistic