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It's A Royals-Orioles Wednesday

Maybe not a marquee pitching match-up, but a good one.

Perhaps the full moon explains Elliot Johnson in right.
Perhaps the full moon explains Elliot Johnson in right.
Jamie Squire

Could this be Ervin Santana's last start as a Kansas City Royal tonight? In a world where the sky is blue and the sun sets in the west, the answer would probably be 'yes'. Whatever sky and sun are visible from the offices at Kaufmann Stadium may well look down on a different type of logic.

Santana, who has quite frankly been better than even the most optimistic Facebook fan could have expected, is posting his best strikeout and walk rates since 2008 (and also the highest ground ball rate of his career). Coupled with a return to normal in home run rate and you get a pitcher with a 3.18 ERA and a 3.76 FIP.

He will be opposed by Wei-Yin Chen, who is better than our Chen if not as personable. It is Chen's third start since coming of the disabled list and he has allowed two entire earned runs in 13 innings in the first two. Earlier this year, he held the Royals to two runs, but only struck out two and allowed nine hits (feels very Royal-like doesn't it?).

Of more interest is this:

Cain CF

Hosmer 1B

Butler DH

Perez C

Tejeda 3B

Lough LF

Escobar SS

Getz 2B

Johnson RF

What is THAT?!