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Game 98 Open Thread - Orioles at Royals

A team with actual playoff possibilities versus one that contends only in Narnia.


The Royals are only a 12-3 run away from being 15-5 after the All-Star Break. That still would not get them ahead of Detroit, but it would make Dayton Moore assume you would buy him a drink if he sat down next to at a bar.

Santana versus Chen (not Bruce) - which is a pretty good match-up.

Johnson in rightfield.

Tejeda batting fifth.

It is so crazy, so non-sensical, that the Royals will probably win an 11-8 slugfest. Vindication, baby!

For fun, this was the Royals lineup on July 24, 2005:

DeJesus CF, Joe McEwing 1B, Emil Brown RF, Matt Stairs DH, Angel Berroa SS, Mark Teahen 3B, Chip Ambres LF, Donnie Murphy 2B, Alberto Castillo C and D.J. Carrasco pitching.

And the lineup on July 24, 1977:

George Brett 3B, Hal McRae DH, Amos Otis CF, Al Cowens RF, John Mayberry 1B, Joe Zbed LF, Darrell Porter C, Freddie Patek SS, Frank White 2B and Andy Hassler pitching.