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Rosenthal, Dutton: Royals Willing to Deal Santana, But Price is High

Ervin is on the trading block after all, but the Royals intend to ask for a king's ransom.

Jamie Squire

Sanity is prevailing at One Royal Way, at least if the rumors are true. Despite public proclamations that the Royals won't be sellers, the team is rumored to be making pitcher Ervin Santana available on the trade market.



Bob Dutton agrees.

Santana is an impending free agent, much like Matt Garza and has put up a 2.1 WAR this year to Garza's 1.9. If the Royals can get a similar haul to what the Cubs got for Garza, they should be all over it. However, while the Garza deal set the market for Santana, it also put one more team - and the one with the deepest pockets prospect-wise - out of the running. St. Louis, Baltimore, Cleveland, Boston, and Atlanta (after that horrific Tim Hudson injury last night WARNING THIS IS GRUESOME!) could all be potential bidders.