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Royals Win Fourth in a Row, Beat White Sox 5-1

The Royals play well in Chicago while the White Sox play poorly in an easy Royals win. What is going on? I'm so disoriented.

Jonathan Daniel

The Royals marched into Chicago with a clearly superior team, a clearly superior pitcher on the mound, and the momentum of a three game winning streak. Royals fans all thought that was a recipe for doom. But instead, the Royals defeated an inferior opponent, played well, and kept up their winning streak. What is going on here?

James Shields was James Shieldsy. He scattered eight singles over seven shutout innings with two walks, lowering his ERA to 3.09. For awhile, it looked like his run of poor run support would continue, as the Royals could only manage a solo home run by David Lough over the first six frames. But then - productive outs! Sal Perez doubled in the sixth, advanced to third on a ground ball by Lorenzo Cain, and scored on a sacrifice fly by Miguel Tejada. It was like they wrote Lee Judge's column for him.

The Royals piled it on in the ninth, because NED MADE THINGS HAPPEN. Uncle Yost played for one run, sending pinch-runner Jarrod Dyson in for Billy Butler and having him swipe second. Dyson would score on an RBI single by Lorenzo Cain, but White Sox pitcher Matt Lindstrom was determined not to allow Ned to get just one run. The wheels came off after a Moustakas RBI single and an error by outfielder Casper Wells, and the margin became so large that the Royals felt comfortable showcasing Luke Hochevar on the ninth. That's right Red Sox fans, he's available!

Four in a row guys, four in a row. And with Wade Davis on the mound tomorrow, ain't nothin gonna stop this runaway freight train!