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The Royals are doing so good that ...

Yes, it's a bit unexpected, but it is fun

Well, no, not you. I mean the other Royals.
Well, no, not you. I mean the other Royals.
Ed Zurga

It is the middle of August, and the Royals still have a chance at the playoffs. What does this mean? All of my normal late-summer routines have been thrown off. I am doing things that are quite strange. In fact, the Royals have been doing so good that:

  • Preseason football seems completely meaningless.
  • I have no clue who the top prospects in the next draft are, and I don't know what the Royals projected draft position is.
  • When Dayton acquired Jamey Carroll, instead of being angry or confused, I just chucked and thought, "There goes Dayton again. Carroll is probably going to hit 2 home runs in the next week."
  • I am concerned about the due date of Alex Gordon's wife.
  • I sometimes forget to check to see how Wil Myers is doing.
  • I wish the regular season was longer to give the Royals a better chance of winning instead of being shorter to end the misery.
  • I have remembered that a playoff chase in baseball is the most fun of all the sports. There is a meaningful game every single day.
  • It's enjoyable talking baseball with the Twins fans I work with.
  • When other teams make waiver wire trades, I think about how it will affect the Royals.
  • Scoreboard watching makes sense.
  • People will soon realize that Kansas City always has been a baseball town.
  • I am angered over the last 27 years, and the point is driven home how unacceptable failure is. Seven years in to a General Manager's reign should produce better than the 8th best record in the American League. The Royals past failure has deprived an entire generate of fans the joy of rooting for a winning baseball team. After going all in, no matter how close they might come, missing the playoffs this year will be a disastrous failure.