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Game Number 118 Open Thread - Royals (62-55) versus Marlins (45-73)

Moustakas-less Royals look to take two of three from the colorful ones from down south.

Ed Zurga

As mentioned more than once today, two months ago who would have thought we would be lamenting the absence of Mike Moustakas from the Royals lineup? Precautionary or not, Mike is in a walking boot today and looking more 'disabled list pending' than 'day to day'.

No, Alex Gordon is not moving to third. No, George Kotteras cannot play there. And NO!!!! Eric Hosmer cannot play third. Neither can David Lough or Justin Maxwell or, sadly, Jamey Carroll and Elliott Johnson (that's not fair, they can both play third, they just can't hit).

Ervin Santana was the best starting pitcher on this team until Bruce Chen sold his soul to the devil, but would seem the ideal guy to overmatch a Marlin lineup that does not include Giancarlo Stanton and pick up a big win for the Royals. Santana, coming off his worst outing of the year, will need to be really, really, really on as his offensive lineup ends with Escobar, Getz, Johnson and Dyson.

Today would be a very good day for Hosmer-Butler-Gordon to throw an extra base bash.

Party on.