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Momentum Thrwarted? Royals Drop Series Finale to Marlins 5-2

Is our run over? Dropping two of three to the last place Marlins only places even more importance on this weekend's showdown with Detroit.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

That sound you hear across Kansas City was the thud of the Royals coming back to Earth after dropping the series finale against the lowly Marlins 5-2. Much like they struggled against the lowly Astros, the Royals blew opportunities as the Marlins tried to hand the game to Kansas City. In the end, the baseball gods would not reward a team that saw fit to put Chris Getz, Elliot Johnson AND Alcides Escobar in the same lineup. Ned had tempted them enough.

The Royals drew an uncharacteristic eight walks, yet scored just two runs. Missouri native Jacob Turner was wild (or squeezed by the umpire, we'll never really know since the game was not televised), throwing just 38 of his 89 pitches for strikes. He tossed six free passes himself, including three to Chris Getz (where was this plate discipline when Ned asked you to lead off?) But the Royals could barely cash in these baserunners. The Royals stranded six runners in scoring position and eleven baserunners overall. They managed just five hits overall - two of them doubles by Eric Hosmer.

Erv was typically Erv - unflappable in the face of overwhelming incompetence on offense. He gave up just one run over six innnings and left with a lead before an Elliot Johnson error in the seventh (why is he still on this team?) would lead to two runs for the Marlins to give them a 3-2 lead they would not relinquish.

The Royals drop their first series since the Cleveland series just before the All-Star break. Maybe by Monday we will have forgotten this series because the Royals will have swept the Tigers and we will be planning our Plaza Parade. But right now, this and the Astros series stick out as sore thumbs as missed opportunities that a young team looking to get into contention desperately need to take advantage of.