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Game 119 Preview: Five Games vs. Detroit

It could be a make or break series for the Royals

Is this the man to lead the Royals to the playoffs?
Is this the man to lead the Royals to the playoffs?
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Starting Pitchers:
Kansas City: Guthrie (12-8, 4.10 ERA)
Detroit: Sanchez (10-7, 2.58 ERA)

Fives games, 6 possible results. Lets step through each one

  • Royals Win all 5 and would be 2.5 games out of 1st place. Might as pencil the parade. A five game sweep would keep hopes of winning the central alive and workable.
  • Royals win 4 and would be 4.5 games out. Four wins makes up some decent ground in the Central, but much more work would need to be done.
  • Royals win 3 and would be 6.5 games out. Making of ground would be great. Three wins is what the team should be hoping to achieve.
  • Royals win 2 and would be 8.5 games out. Winning 2 of 5 is probably the most likely scenario, but it will kill the Royals chance of winning the Central.
  • Royals win 1 and would be 10.5 games out. Chances of even making the wild card will be about gone with only 1 win. The team will only be 2 games over .500
  • Royals win 0 and would be 12.5 games out. It was a nice run
Every series is big, but I think it is probably the biggest series for the Royals in two decades.