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Royals Unable to Handle Tigers, Sanchez, Lose 4-1

It is like two classes of teams on the field.

Leon Halip

The Royals lost the game plain and simple. They got hit, out pitched. The Tigers tried to help the Royals out of the base paths with a couple of running errors. In the end, the Royals were just out matched.


  • The Royals remain a perfect 0-7 when Chris Getz leads off . The average runs scored  per game went from 1.5 to 1.43. Chris gave it his all going 2 for 4 and scored the Royals only run in the first inning.
  • The Royals went 1 for 9 with runners in scoring position.
  • Guthrie pitched OK.  He went 7 innings, struck out 2 batters, walked none, but allowed 13 hits.  The Tigers weren't much better than the Royals going 2 for 12 with runners in scoring position.
  • Prince Fielder provide all the offense the Tigers needed with a 1st inning, 2-run home run.
  • The Royals owned the base paths with 3 steals on the night. The Tigers were not good on the base paths. Torii Hunter and Bryan Pena both rounded 1st too far and ended up outs.
  • Perez getz the Jeff Francoeur Memorial Hacker of the Game Award for only seeing 11 pitches in 4 plate appearance. He won the award in spite of seeing five pitches in his first plate appearance.