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Season Saved! Royals Sweep Doubleheader With 3-0 Nightcap Win Over Tigers

Get the Plaza Parade ready guys. We just swept the Tigers today. We're practically in first place.

Leon Halip

Can you feel that? Its another winning streak coming on.

Somewhere, Dayton Moore is quietly predicting another "15 out of 20" run, and it began tonight. The Royals swept the Tigers in a doubleheader today in impressive fashion, winning the nightcap with a solid performance by James Shields, a Hosmer hung dong, and...wait for it...a CHRIS GETZ DRAG BUNT! The game appeased all fans! The Facebook fans, the sabermetric fans, and the Lee Judge fans!

The Tigers have the best offense in the league, but you wouldn't know it today as they plated just one run in eighteen innings of baseball. James Shields allowed just four hits and one run in seven innings in an old school "pitch to contact" dream performance with just one strikeout. As Crash Davis put it, "strikeouts are fascist" and Shields proved himself a model of democracy tonight.

Hosmer hung glorious dong, a 424 foot blast into the second deck in right field, his second home run of the day. According to ESPN, Hosmer hangs the longest dongs in baseball.

That is, if it was indeed Eric Hosmer and not his evil home run hitting twin brother KEVIN.

The Royals are now just 6.5 games back in the division, and 4.5 games back of Oakland for the Wild Card with the A's playing the Indians tonight. Either way, the Royals are making ground up on a team in front of them. SEASON SAVED.