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Miguel Tejada to be suspended 105 games for Adderall use, per report

Tejada failed two tests for amphetamines this season, and will likely retire.

Jason Miller

Kansas City Royals second baseman Miguel Tejada will be suspended 105 games for testing positive twice for Adderall, reports Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports.

Tejada had already tested positive once under the league's amphetamine policy, and tested positive twice more for the banned substance this season. The second test made Tejada subject to a 25-game ban, while the third positive test called for the additional 80-games.

MLB could announce the suspension as early as Saturday, according to Passan. It will be the third-longest non-lifetime suspension ever handed out by baseball, only trailing Alex Rodriguez's 211-game suspension and Steve Howe's 119-game ban in 1992.

The veteran did not appeal the penalites, and will begin serving the suspension immediately. Tejada will be ineligible for the first 64 games next season, and a source close to Tejada told Passan that he is strongly leaning towards retirement.

Kevin Kietzman of 810 WHB first reported that Tejada used to have an exemption to use Adderall, but the exemption expired on April 15 this year. A number of players in MLB still have Therapuetic Use Exemptions; Passan says 116, while Kietzman reported 125.

The suspension will not have any effect on the Royals during the final 41 games of the season; the club had already placed Tejada on the 60-day DL with a strained calf. It seemed possible that the Royals would re-sign Tejada to another one-year contract next season, but the suspension likely rules out a Tejada return in 2014.