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The Streak is Over; Royals Lose 4-2 in 11 Innings

For the first time in a week and a half, the Royals ended the game with fewer runs than their opponent. I'm so disillusioned right now.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing last forever, not even Royals winning streaks. The Royals played pretty crummy offensively, but still managed to fight back and take the game to extra innings before Ned's managing blew up in his face. After Aaron Crow battled out of a jam in the ninth, Uncle Ned brought in Luis Mendoza for the tenth to face the heart of the Mets lineup. After allowing two baserunners, Mendoza was able to get out of a jam thanks to old reliable double play-machine John Buck (remember him?) Ned kept Mendoza out for the eleventh to face the bottom of the order, and after Luis walked the number nine hitter Omar Quintanilla, Ned STILL KEPT HIM IN THE GAME.

You know what comes next. Eric Young, who actually hits righties pretty well, hit a walk-off home run to win the game 4-2. But the important thing is Tim Collins and Greg Holland are well rested for tomorrow.

Cool Stuff Wade Davis gave up an early first inning two-run home run bomb to David Wright, but otherwise shut out the Mets, sprinkling eight hits and no walks over five innings of work. Again, he walks that fine line between "not pitching poorly enough to definitively get thrown out of the rotation" but "not pitching well enough to really help the team that much."

But the offense - ugh. Its quite putrid. Just six hits, five of them singles. They scored a run in the eighth without even collecting a hit. The only life they showed was in the ninth when they battled back to tie the game. We can give Dayton some credit for putting one of the best Royals teams we've seen in a decade out there, but let's be real - this is still a pop-gun offense that ain't gonna cut it with the big boys.