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White Sox Finally Finish Off Royals in 12, 4 to 3


John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

That was horrible. I am still surprised the Royals were able to score 3 runs. In this game, the potent offense were 6 for 37 for a .162 average.  For the series, they plated a total of 5 runs while hitting .198 (20 for 101). Of those 20 hits, 19 of them were singles. To put it nicely, the offense is pathetic.

Maybe management should do something crazy. Bring George Brett back to be the hitting coach. Blame the park for lack of walks and home runs. Sign or develop talented hitters.

Thoughts on the game.

  • Perez still has a cannon for an arm. Late in the game, he was able to make a couple bang-bang plays to 1B.
  • Jamey Carroll has yet to get his first hit as a Royals (0 for 17). He did get an RBI.
  • James Shields had a good start. Eight strikeouts, no walks. All three of the runs he allowed came in the 6th and 7th innings.
  • Jeff Francoeur Hacker of the game goes to Eric Hosmer who saw 14 pitches in 5 PA. In comparison, Butler saw 29 in his 5 PA.
  • The bullpen did as good as a team could ask.  Over 5 innings, they allowed one run on one hit while striking out eight.