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Wheels Are Coming Off: Nats Beat Royals 11-10 in Wild One

The Royals drop their sixth in a row, and we begin to wonder if they'll ever win another game ever.

Ed Zurga

Eleven days ago, the Royals were 62-54, their high water mark of the year, and just four games out of a wild card spot. Since then, they have dropped nine of eleven games, against lowly teams like the Marlins and White Sox, and it will be a challenge to see them finish with a winning record. Will they ever win again?

The bats came ALIVE tonight with a strong performance. But of course it was Bruce Chen who laid a big fat egg on the mound tonight with a seven-run fourth inning that included a two-run double by Bryce Harper and a two-run home run by Jayson Werth. That would knock Bruce out of the game with a season high seven runs and five walks given up. Bruce has given up 13 runs in nine innings of work over his last two starts which should kill any notion Dayton had of extending him.

The poor Bruce start wiped out a terrific performance early on by the Royals. KC built up a 6-0 lead by the second inning thanks to a pair of first inning dongs by Eric Hosmer and Justin Maxwell. And in the ninth, the Royals mounted a furious rally with three runs, to pull to 11-10. But with one out and the tying run at first, Ned Yost fell asleep, letting Emilio Bonifacio and Alcides Escobar and harmlessly make the final outs against right-hander Rafael Soriano, while lefty power hitters Mike Moustakas and George Kottaras sat on the bench. The only way the game could have ended in more Royals fashion is if Chris Getz had ended the game on a drag bunt attempt. BOOM! Yosted.

Wade Davis starts tomorrow, so this losing streak ain't going nowhere folks, but hey, remember 62-54? Its the new 18-11. Dayton Moore contract extension now!