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Danny Duffy Re-Joins Rotation, Wade Davis To Pen

Cool Stuff!

G. Newman Lowrance

Bob Dutton reports today that Danny Duffy will rejoin the team today and start in Minnesota, pushing Bruce Chen back a day and pushing Wade Davis to the bullpen. The team says Davis' demotion is in part because of his inconsistency, and in part because his innings increased so much over last year when he was in Tampa Bay's pen. Manager Ned Yost had this to add:

“We want Duffy on our playoff roster. If we do make the playoffs, we’re going to probably go with three starters. Wade is going to be in the pen at that time, so we’ll acclimate throughout the last month.”

LOLWUT. Cue Jim Mora gif here. I don't know whether he's saying Duffy would be in that three-man rotation (Guthrie out?) but wait, why am I engaging in these pipe-dream shenanigans. PLAYOFFS?!?!?

Anyway, the important news here is you won't have Wade Davis to kick around anymore, at least not til next spring when he makes the rotation again (he is Luke Hochevar, re-born!). In the meantime, Happy Duffy Day!