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Royals Come Up Just Short in 3-2 Loss to Jays

A close call at first robs the Royals of a baserunner in a two-run eighth, and a ninth inning rally falls just short in a 3-2 loss in Canada, the land of the Rising Sun.

Brad White

Sorry for the late recap. To be honest, I missed the game due to some plumbing issues at home. Its all resolved now - its all ball bearings these days. But here's what I got from the post-game show conversations.

Edwin Encarnacion hit a ball really, really hard to score a run early.

Mark Buehrle handcuffed the Royals all night like he typically does. The Royals did not score a run off him in seven innings, and managed just four hits and a walk against the Missouri native.

The Royals did mount a serious rally in the eighth. Singles by Alcides Escobar and Alex Gordon put runners on the corner when Emilio Bonifacio earned some serious cred with Royals brass by bunting on the first pitch with no outs. Seriously. The thing was, he nearly made it a bunt RBI single, but first base umpire Will Little called him out on a bang-bang play. More like "Will Little Brain", amirite? That brought Uncle Ned out of the dugout, but to no avail. A run scored, but the Royals now had a runner at second with one out.

Eric Hosmer brought that runner home on an RBI single, and things were looking up with Billy Butler and Salvador Perez coming up. But those two failed to bring home another run, causing the Facebook crowd to lament Billy's lack of clutch.

The Royals mounted another rally in the ninth off closer Casey Janssen when Mike Moustakas and Jarrod Dyson singled, but an line drive by George Kottaras led to an out, and Alex Gordon was thrown out on a terrific play by second basemen Ryan Goins to end the game.

Also tonight, something happened at the K-State game, and you should probably follow Audra Marvin's Twitter feed. She has some interesting neighbors.