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Game 109 Open Thread - Minnesota at Kansas City

The sun shines a little brighter when you are four games over .500.

Royals are flying high in August.
Royals are flying high in August.

There is a chance of storms tonight in Kansas City, but it looks like clear sailing until sometime after dark. Good night to take in a game and a good time to catch the Royals. Of course, if you really want to make it an event, wait until tomorrow night and you can get my autograph....for the price of beer.

Anyway, the lineups:

Minnesota: Dozier 2B, Mauer C, Morneau 1B, Doumit DH, Arcia LF, Plouffe 3B, Herrmann RF, Thomas CF, Berneir SS

Kansas City: Cain RF, Hosmer 1B, Butler DH, Gordon LF, Tejada 2B, Moustakas 3B, Kotteras C, Escobar SS, Dyson CF

As mentioned in the game preview, Jeremy Guthrie and Kevin Correia match arms and wits for the second time in a week.

Royals have won 13 of 16. The Twins are coming off a sweep of Houston, but lost six of eight prior to that.

Bonus points if you can provide the first names of Arcia, Herrmann and Berneir without looking them up. I hate to kick a team while it is down, but after years of people asking me 'who is THAT?' to half the Royals line-up, turnabout is fair play.