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Dayton the Pessimist, Royals Go 16 and 4 with Win.

Bruce Chen with a gem.

Nice high five.
Nice high five.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Bruce Chen has the magic back.He threw 7.2 innings of 0 run, 5 hit ball. He allowed no extra base hits and had a GB/FB ratio of 5/15.


  • The Royals got their scoring started off with three runs in the first with help from with a Johny Gomes error.
  • The rest of the Royals scoring happened in the 8th inning with Butler and Maxwell solo home runs.
  • Jon Lester threw 40 pitches in the first inning and 81 over the next 6 innings.
  • Hacker of the game goes to Moustakas with 12 pitches seen in 4 plate appearances. He also was the onlhy Royal with 2 or more hits and RBIs. This "award" just isn't the same without Frenchy on the team to set the standard.

Teams in the Wild Card hunt
Tampa: -
Oakland: -
Baltimore: 1.5
Cleveland: 3
Kansas City: 4.5
Yankees: 7
Minnesota: 14
White Sox: 20.5