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Royals 2014 Schedule Released

Kansas City picks up National League West opponents in 2014, but drop their scheduled matchup against North Dakota State.

G. Newman Lowrance
MLB released their 2014 schedule today (and unlike the NFL, didn't require a prime time television show to do it). The Royals, who faced National League East opponents in 2013 (Braves, Mets, Marlins, Nationals, Phillies) will face the National League West in 2014. They will host Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Colorado, while visiting San Diego and Arizona. They won't have an interleague game til May 5.

The season opens in Detroit on March 31, when it is typically 90 degrees and sunny in eastern Michigan. The Royals home opener is April 4 vs. Chicago. Part of unbalanced interleague play means that the Royals are contractually obligated to open against Detroit every season, and host Chicago to open the home schedule every season. Constancy. Sweet, sweet constancy.

The Cardinals series will again be back-to-back home-and-home two game series in the first week of June. The team will end the season on a seven game road trip to Chicago and Cleveland, that follows a ten game homestand. The season ends September 28, which means the Plaza Parade should be in late October.

Its a tough non-conference - no cupcakes here, but the strength of schedule should help if we end up a bubble team.