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Wild Card Fever: The Great Escape

Still buzzing from last night, here's where things stand today.

Leon Halip

In my mind, last night's contest was how I would dream up the perfect baseball game.

Low scoring, well played, nail biter of a contest. And it all comes down to a play at the plate.

What a wonderful game.

(Aside from the insertion of Chris Getz following the Emilio Bonifacio ejection. Getz does not belong in my dream version of the perfect baseball game. Nor does he get thrown out at third in a horrible display of judgement. The ejection was total UmpShow by the way.)

Oh, remember how I said both wild card spots would be in play? Check the standings. Two weeks. The Royals still have the longest odds, but they're still alive and if they can do the crazy like they did on Saturday, the next two weeks will be the most interesting two weeks of baseball around these parts for 28 years.

Team W L PCT GB %
Tampa Bay 81 66 .551 ---- 78.6
Texas 81 66 .551 ---- 69.4
Cleveland 80 68 .541 -1.5 37.7
New York 79 70 .530 -3.0 6.9
Kansas City 78 70 .527 -3.5 4.6
Baltimore 78 70 .527 -3.5 3.0

What we need today:

-- A Baltimore loss to Toronto.
-- A Cleveland loss to the White Sox.
-- A Rays loss to the Twins.
-- A Rangers loss to the A's
-- A New York loss to Boston. (Have to wait until Sunday night for that one. Naturally.)

And a Royals win.