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Wild Card Fever: Beyond Belief

Time to sweep.

Leon Halip

We will talk a little more about Sunday's game later today. It will be good. I promise.

Meanwhile, the latest standings.

Team W L PCT GB %
Tampa Bay 81 67 .547 ---- 78.6
Texas 81 67 .547 ---- 69.4
Cleveland 81 68 .544 -0.5 37.7
Baltimore 79 70 .530 -2.5 6.9
New York 79 71 .527 -3.5 4.6
Kansas City 78 71 .523 -3.5 3.0

The Royals are treading water but the drain is open. It's not a good situation to be in and time is most assuredly running low. It's time to make a move, but managerial incompetence can be a roadblock.

Two huge series in the first part of this week. First, the Royals host the Indians. With the Royals three games back of Cleveland a sweep is mandatory. Taking two of three just isn't good enough at this point. This is the Royals last opportunity to directly gain some ground, so they must take advantage.

The other series is in Tampa where the Rangers pay a visit. Interesting how that works. Both teams are in serious slumps. The Rangers have won twice all month while the Rays have won just seven times in their last 20.

If the Rays and Rangers spilt their four games and the Royals sweep the Indians, Kansas City will be two games back. An alternative scenario would be for either Texas or Tampa to go on a serious roll and have their own sweep. If that happens and the Royals sweep, the hometown nine would be in a dead heat with Cleveland and the loser of the Texas-Tampa series. Things would be kind of interesting.

The Royals could stay alive taking two of three, but that would just be more of the same with three fewer games remaining. Winning only one game of the next three would be disastrous.

Time is running out. It's time for a sweep.