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Yordano Yentura: Quick Pitchf/x Analysis

He can throw hard.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

A am just going to take a peak on Yordano Yentura pitches over the night.

Average velocities:

  • Fastball: 97.2
  • Curve: 81.5 mph
  • Change: 86.9
Not real surprised there. Pouring over the rest of the data, two items stick out. First, it looks like Ventura possibly threw 2 to 3 different fastballs. He threw his heater  at +97 mph and then a slower pitcher around 93 mph.  Here is a graph from showing the differences over the course of the game:
I have never heard of Ventura mixing in a sinker and/or cutter. IMO, I think he was taking a little off the pitches, and using a lower release point.

Which brings me to the second find, his release points varied a little more than I would like to see.
It can be noted the "cutters" were released from the 3B side which could give them a little more side spin and less overall velocity. He was basically creating a second pitch by dropping his arm. Now, does he intentionally want to do this or not is the $100,000 question.

Otherwise, not much else stuck out.