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Time to throw fire

The Royals need seven wins. There are seven games remaining. Play ball.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

A brief preview as the SBNation platform seems to have devoured my scheduled post...

While tonight's game falls into the must win category, it doesn't really feel must win to me. That probably has something to do with the latest post season odds that have all but eliminated the Royals from contention. As I wrote earlier today, as long as the team is mathematically alive, I'm there. I just prefer a bit of realism.

Asking the Royals to reel off seven in a row to finish the season seems a tall task. And with three teams in front of them, a single loss all but sinks the 2013 season. Still, as long as they're alive...

Hey, at least we have another chance to take a look at Yordano Ventura tonight. Last time we saw the guy who throws fire, he was torching the Francona's is a pressure-packed contest. Maybe there's a little less pressure tonight. I'm guessing maybe. I don't know. When you need to win seven of your last seven, which is a massive longshot even for the best teams, how can there be pressure in that. It's such an insane statement - needing to win seven of seven - that hardly anyone believes it can happen.

The Rays took care of the Orioles this afternoon creating more space between themselves and the rabble. Texas has Houston. The Royals need to win and they need some help.

The strange thing is, the way this season has gone, if the Royals won out and passed Cleveland and Texas, would you really be surprised?