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Royals Moving FanFest Downtown and Other Links

The Royals arrive at the conclusion that you like us! You really like us!

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Well it only took a couple of years, but the Royals finally figured out that people in Kansas City actually like them, especially once they start winning. So the team announced it is beefing up FanFest and moving it from the Overland Park Convention Center to Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City, which provides almost seven times the convention space.

Fanfest will be held January 31 and February 1 with tickets as low as $7.

Other links:

  • Willie Wilson gets his World Series ring back. Well, its a replica. And instead of "1985 World Champions" it says "Shawnee Mission East, Class of 1996".

  • Fangraphs noticed the Royals have the fourth most team WAR - does this mean they have been unlucky in 2013?

  • Lee Judge (and son!) chide the Royals for their lack of plate discipline last night

  • Five reasons steroids were never the real problem in baseball. The real problem? Pogs.

  • Nate Silver's is hiring politicial, economics, and sports writers. Apply now, Lee Judge!

  • Baby, beer is not for you. It is for adults! You are supposed to drink milk! Go home baby, you are drunk.

  • Greg Holland is now tied for the Royals single-season saves record with Dan Quisenberry. Where does he rank among closers in Royals history?