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Game 158 Open Thread: Royals of Kansas City (83-74) at the Mariners of Seattle (69-89)

A win only delays the inevitable. A loss ends it.

Otto Greule Jr

So, just freaking win, Royals.

Ervin Santana, who I wrote about in the Game Preview a few hours ago, takes on Hisashi Iwakuma at Safeco Field. By the way, if you can plan a trip around a game in Seattle, do it.


A battle of two pitchers who throw strikes and are hard to hit that will either mean a quick 1-0 game or some sort of bizarre slugfest that last four hours. That's what happens when September rolls around and the Baseball Gods turn the game over to their kids for a month.

Programming note: I will be watching the game tonight, but given that we have a West Coast game, I'm old and only half over this cold/flu/lupus/heroin overdose thing, the Game Recap might come closer to breakfast time than right after the game.