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The First 2013 Series Which Doesn't Matter

It took a while this year.

Otto Greule Jr

It's over and it is just tough to excited about seeing Guthrie face the Sox. I am not sure how much my opinion of the team will change if they win 83 or 87. I guess seeing Holland break the saves record would be cool. Wait, let me check something. BRB. Crap, I wasted 15 minutes of my life I can't have back trying to see which teams' single season Saves leader total (45 and counting) is greater than their single season home run record (35).

Maybe the offense will do something crazy and score a run tonight, that would be cool and stuff. Maybe not.

Well, as you can see by the last 37 articles, everyone is ready to get the off season started. I only have a couple of points to always remember this off season.

ONE. The team was really lucky with injuries this season. Basically Cain, Perez and Tejada (sort of) were the only hitters to go to the DL. Also, no pitcher went on the DL once the season started (Paulino and Duffy were there to start the season). This luck can't happen every year, like in 2012.

TWO. The true talent level of the team is close, if not below .500. The team's offensive OPS is .692. The pitching and defense have allowed an OPS of .699. (Using my linear weight model, I have them at .496 W% or 78.3 wins). Usually, a team's offense needs to perform better than their pitching allows for teams to win. The Royals have lucked out a bit in this department. Part of the difference is the team's 31-24 record in one run games.