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Big Game James Lit Up as Royals Trounced by Tigers 16-2

Shields gives up a career high fourteen hits and ten runs as the Tigers route the Royals.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

If this was a statement game, the statement was "oh no, we still suck!"

Big Game James Shields totally soiled himself on the mound today. The Royals handed him a one-run lead in the first inning on a Billy Butler RBI single (NOT CLUTCH!). But James was so surprised that his team scored a run for him, he completely forgot how to pitch. The Tigers pounded him for five runs in the second inning with a singles (and doubles) train of their own.

Ned left the veteran in to turn things around, and after a scoreless third, Shields was pounded for five more runs in the fourth. When Ned finally pulled him for Luis Mendoza (who immediately walked in a run), Shields had given up fourteen hits and ten runs, both tying career highs. At that point, Ned may as well have put Jimmy Gobble out there the rest of the game (what is Yimmy Yobble doing these days anyway?) for the game was essentially over. The Royals flailed away for seven meaningless hits and a walk in seven innings against Tigers starter Anibal Sanchez in the 16-2 loss. Hey, if we still had Jeff Francoeur around, he totally would have hit a meaningless eighth inning solo home run.

That was a really ugly game. We should really talk about something more pleasant like the fact we're about to go to war with Syria, or Miley Cyrus's VMA performance.