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Introducing your newest Royals (minor-league) reliever, Guillermo Mota

The hot-headed, suspension prone righty reliever inks a minor-league deal with an invite to big-league camp in Spring Training.

Look into my eyes. You will see...
Look into my eyes. You will see...
Jamie Squire

In the wake of the HUGE Brad Penny signing, it would be easy for Dayton Moore to flip the switch on his gas fireplace, pull his smoking jacket from the hanger dangling from the hook on his office door, light a cigar, interlock his fingers behind his crown head, put his feet up on the desk, and rest on his laurels. Of course the sprinklers would go off again, and he learned his lesson after the Mark Teahen deal netted him the second baseman of the future.

This time, rather than let the Brad "Ass" Penny signing be the final feather in his cap that is beginning to look more like a peacock's hindquarters, Dayton Moore went out to prove that he is a good Christian gentleman, proffering his hand to a man fallen on hard times. Granted those hard times were the product of his own misdeeds, but Dayton is all about second chances. As long as you weren't an Allard Baird draftee.

So with the Season of Giving still rich in his heart, Dayton Moore extended a minor-league contract to the oft-suspended right-handed reliever Guillermo Mota. As tweeted below, they seem pretty proud of themselves.

Mota is one of the rare offenders who has found himself suspended not once, but twice for violating MLB's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program, most recently testing positive for clenbuterol--a substance typically abused to enable miraculous weight-loss that is chemically akin to the similarly banned ephedrine--in May of 2012, getting slapped with a 100-game suspension to go with the 50-gamer he received in 2006 for using the same drug.

Ever the lightning rod for controversy, Mota also rather famously pegged Mike Piazza in a spring training game in 2002, leading to a reduced suspension of four games for Mota, while Piazza who went into the Dodgers' clubhouse looking for Mota after the game was slapped with five games. Continuing on with the tradition, Mota hit Prince Fielder in August of the 2009 season, and an incensed Fielder headed straight for the Dodgers clubhouse after the game.

I really thought that Mota was involved in some crazy brawl in winter ball that included him kicking a guy, but I can't find validation of this anywhere. Given that I believe the bedroom television to be forecasting the future, I could be going insane.

For those who were wondering the Dominican hurler is a mere 40 years young. In his last five years in the league, Mota had a 3.99 ERA, 97 ERA+, 7.4 K/9, 3.6 BB/9, 2.04 K/BB in 277.1 IP. He had 20.2 IP under his belt in 2012 when the PED suspension effectively ended his season. He has apparently been pitching in the Dominican Winter League for Los Tigres del Licey, who face off against Los Gigantes a 7:30 esta noche. He hasn't been worth more than 0.5 fWAR since 2005.

Apparently we are at the portion of the season in which Dayton Moore has forgotten that there was a 2013 season, which seems odd given the fact that the Royals won the World Series. In a way.