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Tim Collins Avoids Arbitration

The Little Reliever Who Could signs for $1.3625 million, avoiding arbitration. Expect a lot of signings today.

Ed Zurga

Joel Sherman of the NY Post is apparently the new Royals beat writer because he is reporting the Royals have signed diminutive reliever Tim Collins to a 1 year $1.3625 million deal, thus avoiding arbitration. Today is the deadline to exchange offers between teams and arbitration-eligible players before hearing start in February. Accordingly, you can expect many players to reach agreement today.

The Royals previously reached agreement with catcher Brett Hayes. Their remaining arbitration cases are with Luke Hochevar, Greg Holland, Eric Hosmer, Emilio Bonifacio, Aaron Crow, and Justin Maxwell.

UPDATE 11:50

Royals have reached an agreement with Hosmer.

MLB Trade Rumors had Hosmer pegged at $4.1 million.

UPDATE 12:48

Royals reach agreement with pitcher Luke Hochevar. $5.21 million with $400k in incentives for games started or games finished. Does this open the possibility of Hochevar being in the rotation? MLB Trade Rumors had Hochevar pegged at $5 million.

UPDATE: 1:23

Jon Heyman tweets the Royals have come to terms with infielder Emilio Bonifacio for $3.5 million. MLB Trade Rumors estimated $3.3 million for Bonifacio. The Royals will pay $13.51 million for Hochevar, Bonifacio, and Wade Davis combined.