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Royals 2014 ZIPS Projections

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Dan Szymborski crunched the numbers and projects the Royals to win eleventy billion championships in 2014.

Jasper Juinen

If you are a stat nerd hanging out in your mother's basement, and if you're reading this site, odds are that you are, then you are probably highly anticipating the release of Dan Szymborski's ZIPS projections for the Royals. Well here they are!

A few notes:

  • Sal Perez projects to be our most valuable position player at 4 WAR. James Shields is our top pitcher, also at 4 WAR.
  • Hosmer is projected to have a bit more pop, and would be our top home run hitter with 20, and a team high .459 slugging percentage.
  • ZIPS likes Moose to bounce back a bit with a line of .255/.305/.416 and 2 WAR.
  • Billy Butler's top comp is Mike Sweeney. Someone get the guy some yoga lessons.
  • ZIPS projects quite a bit of regression on defense from Lorenzo Cain and Alcides Escobar, perhaps because their 2014 were such outliers and ZIPS has a way of ironing out large spikes in performance.
  • @DBLesky tweets that the starting lineup, assuming a healthy 162 game schedule, would score about 729 runs.
  • Yordano Ventura projects to be our third best pitcher, even with a projection of just 137 innings pitched. ZIPS projects a 4.19 ERA from the right-hander. His top comp is Matt Clement.
  • Duffy has encouraging projections as well, with a 4.12 ERA in just 94 innings (ZIPS projects less playing time due to Duffy's injury past). His top comp is Erik Bedard.
  • Chris Getz is projected to slug .314. Noel Arguelles is projected to have a 7.37 ERA.

So what do you think? Plaza Parade? Where do you think ZIPS is high? Low? Right on?