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After the Yankees Spoil ZiPsmas, the Party Restarts the Next Day

and Dwyer oh my.

Christian Petersen

Yesterday, the Royals were supposed to shine at FanGraphs and then the Yankees go and spoil it with their fancy Tanaka signing. Usual damn Yankees. Well, Dan Szymborski was able to able release his Royals ZiPS projections and they have already been discussed here at Royals Review. So I guess it is time to see what we missed yesterday.

First Marc Hulet gives us his top 10 prospects.

1. Kyle Zimmer
2. Yordano Ventura
3. Raul Mondesi
4. Miguel Almonte
5. Jorge Bonifacio
6. Sean Manaea
7. Hunter Dozier
8. Bubba Starling
9. Jason Adam
10. Orlando Calixte

No real surprise from any other rankings besides Bubba still being on the list. Almonte seems to have the biggest jump from 2013, but his outlook is the same as Adam's.


The Career Outlook: Almonte has a chance to develop into an innings-eating, middle-of-the-rotation starter.


The Career Outlook: As it stands right now, it looks like Adam may end up in the back end of a big league bullpen. If things click, though, he has the ceiling of a No. 3 starter.

Both may be middle of the rotation starters. Great. I could see ranking Almonte ahead based on age if the pair were back to back in the rankings, but there is four people between them. Well OK.

Next, interview specialist David Laurila interviewed Chris Dwyer. I am wondering if Dwyer will be given a chance to be the first Omaha starter to be called up when if someone from the starting rotation sucks needs TJS could use a break.

My fastball command improved a lot, as did my ability to throw any pitch in any count. Mainly it was throwing strike one with my fastball more consistently than in previous years.

I did lose some [velocity], yeah, but that's in the past. Everything's good now, I feel better than ever. Everything came back just like it was.

"I'm definitely a starter, but I'll see what the Royals want me to do. I'll do whatever I can to help them. But I believe I'm a starter. That's what I want to be."

I just don't know if he has enough velocity to stick in the majors. He averaged 89 mph out of the bullpen in his two appearances with the Royals. He problem throw softer as a starter.

Well, here are your two small post ZIPSmas gifts. Yippee. Now clean up the wrappings.