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It's Time For Some Baseball



It's about time for some baseball. After going to the Kansas Baseball Hall of Fame induction this past weekend, I got my flame lit and need to see some hardball played. Even though it is 15 days until major league pitchers and catchers report, college teams have already been practicing for a few days. Checking the schedule for dates and times which match my busy life. I am happy to find a junior college game nearby with Cowley County (college of Trevor Rosenthal) matching up against Redlands, OK (which in is in El Reno, Oklahoma, but I am pretty sure you all knew that fact ....right?)

Neither team is my team. Cowley is nationally ranked, but who cares on opening day. I will just be happy seeing 18 men fighting it out in a competitive game. There is so much to enjoy. An entrancing full windup. The sharp crack of a line drive into the right-field gap. A ball slapping into a first baseman's new leather glove. The umpire blasting out called 3rd strikes. Dill pickle sunflower seeds. A cheap hog dog in a dried out bun. Overpriced beer.

Right now is the worst time of year for following the majors. The hot stove has frozen over. The Hall of Fame selection is finally done (Hallelujah !!!). Spring training camps are still empty. It has been long enough. Fan fests and caravan's try to fill the void. Signing autographs and snapping photos is great, it is not baseball.

I have been filling my void by prepping a bit for fantasy baseball. I am doing a fake draft for a fake baseball team tonight. Me => loser. I can only look at so many pre-season previews and rankings. Everyone brings up how the Royals pitching staff is thin, Duffy and Ventura can't throw strikes and how Moose really must bounce back. I pretty much figured those three out before last season was over.

OK, now it is just about time to find out who was right about what. Can the Red Sox repeat? Did the Yankees buy enough players to make the postseason? Dammit, it's time to just start playing.

Maybe I am being a little to bitchy pissy grumpy nostalgic, but I don't really care. I just can't wait to make the drive next Friday down to Arkansas City to watch the Cougars and Tigers play. Nothing beats the sound of the ump say, "Play ball!"